With many years of experience of SEO work we now consider ourself somewhat of a pro in the world of SEO. This knowledge is something we want to share with you. Ger your page to number one on Google with the help of our SEO Coaches and learn along the way.

From €150/month

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Our Process - SEO-coaching

Start up

When we're acting as your personal SEO-coach it all starts with a monthly videomeeting. This meeting is to give you a plan to follow for the first weeks of work with your site. During this meeting you can bounce off ideas with us, get tips on what to write about and how to do this. The meeting is the done monthly to keep you on track and help you with ideas.

To help start up the process we could do a thorough keyword analysis to use as a base for all the SEO work. Check out the prices for all our services here.

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Content creation

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No matter how you twist and turn it "Content is king". This is a truth more than a statement when it comes to SEO. Without properly written and relevant content on your page it's hard to get you to number one on Google. This part is up to you, your the writer and editor at large in this case but we will guide you to create the best possible content for you.

Don't have time or the energy to write on you own? Let us do the writing and optimizing so you can focus on what's important for you business. Read more here.

Maintenance - the ongoing work

Once the page is optimized and you've started creating good content on you own the real work begins. SEO is not a "do it once" kind of thing and it needs continuous maintenance and updates to have any real effect. This is why we recommend working with us for at least 6 months - even longer in some cases.

Once your page is optimized you could think that we're done. But this is really where the work begins. From here on the page needs to be updated and kept relevant.

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What's next?

Off-page Content

This is bascially what it sounds like - off-page is everything that's not happening directly on your page. This could be articles linking to your site, social media accounts and so on. When working with off-page the goal is to make your site "verified" in the eye of Google by creating references on other places then your site. This could be done by writing guest articles on other pages or making sure that your social medias are referring to the main site. But really the main part of this is links and linkbuilding.

Link building

Link building is a huge part of SEO today. What this means is that you create a network of links from other sites leading to your site. This helps Google to know that you're a reliable source for your keywords and your genre. But this has to be done with caution. If done incorrectly it could have an opposite effect.

I Am Content have many years of experience of links and would gladly help you with this. You can read more about it and contact us about it here.