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I Am Content was founded in 2015 by David Vesterlund. Starting small, the company quickly grew bigger. Initially focusing on SEO, I Am Content now provides web design and support alongside original content and SEO services. With a team from a broad background, we have the know-how you need.

David Vesterlund


David Vesterlund started I Am Content in 2015. With a background in sales and a passion for SEO and writing David made the company grew quickly. The company is now 7 employees working with SEO in 11 different countries.

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Kristina Hellqvist


Kristina joined I Am Content in the fall of 2020. She stepped in as COO making sure we keep delivering top quality services. Kristina has close to 20 years experience of management positions and quality control from the manufacturing industry.


Rikard Aronsen

Wix Manager

Rikard has worked with David and I Am Content on and off since 2018. Initially as a writer he has later taken a larger part with Wix. Rikard studied Communications in Jönköping and have a background in TV-production and as a electronics salesman.


Jonas Johansson

Outreach & SEO

Jonas joined I Am Content at the end of 2020 as a writer and working with outreach. He studied Communications at Jönköping University until the spring of 2020. Jonas quickly grew into his role with I Am Content and is an essential member of the team.